ParallelTalk Communications was founded by Dr. Russell Storms and Stewart Brown in January 2017 to pursue, through licensing agreement(s), the further development, marketing, manufacturing, and distribution of the Multilingual Simultaneous Announcement System (MSAS).

The Multilingual Simultaneous Announcement System (MSAS) permits public announcements to be made in multiple languages simultaneously with improved clarity, comprehension and efficiency.

The Multilingual Simultaneous Announcement System (MSAS) was developed by Dr. Storms over a ten year period of research, development and testing. Patent 9,525,953 was issued for MSAS in December 2016. This multilingual announcement process is accomplished by utilizing the acoustic techniques of: Spatialization, Low/high-pass filtering, and Gender separation.

This patented solution simultaneously generates audio announcements in multiple languages to: Passengers riding or waiting for mass transit; Fans at sporting events, concerts, and theaters; Large groups of people in open or closed public spaces; and Large and small crowds in emergency situations.

To hear a demo on YouTube, click here.

Optimal venues for MSAS include: Airline, train, and bus terminals; Public transit vehicles and systems of all types; Sporting events; Entertainment events; Emergency situations; and All types of large groups in spatially defined spaces.

MSAS is a low cost solution to more efficient and effective public messaging.

MSAS can be installed as a new product at comparable cost to existing systems.

Most existing public address systems can be easily and economically upgraded with MSAS.